Dirty Energy is Dirty in More Ways Than One

            To the San Miguel Corporation, how dare you claim as one of your values that you are “good neighbors”? The farmers and fisherfolk that are being displaced and harassed by your projects can all attest to this lie. How could you claim to be “advocates of sustainable development,” whileContinue reading “Dirty Energy is Dirty in More Ways Than One”

Environmental Activism is not Terrorism

As climate activists, we must call to #JunkTerrorBillNow! The Philippines is already known to be the most dangerous country in the world for environment defenders, the Anti-Terrorism Bill will only make it easier to encroach upon the rights of our environment defenders and anyone who shows dissent against the government.

Happy World Environment Day!

The environmental struggle cannot be separated from the different struggles happening today. There can be no climate or environmental justice without social justice. Let us continue to stand united in the face of the challenges of our times and reclaim our democratic spaces so we can all take part in building a system that puts people over profit and defends our environment defenders; a society where climate justice is the new normal.