Global Climate Strike 2021

We’re striking again this September 24!

#UprootTheSystem Global Climate Strike 2021



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The climate crisis does not exist in a vacuum. In a world afflicted by COVID-19, worsening income inequality, war, and other forms of systemic violence, we must recognize that the reason why the climate crisis is a crisis is because of the various other social issues that are impacting us today. When we fight for climate justice, we are also fighting for social justice, and this means calling for the resolution of all these other injustices as well.

In this context, it is clear that our calls for climate action should not be limited to calls for simply greening how our society operates today. To truly address climate, as well as social, inequities, we must think outside the box and realize what a truly sustainable and just society means. For genuine climate justice, the systems of oppression that are currently in place must be removed and replaced. We must center the struggles of the most impacted peoples, and push for a society that places people and planet first. That is why we call to #UprootTheSystem, drawing inspiration from nature in our call for holistic climate action.

Our Activities

September 15 – 17

Educational Discussion series as build-up towards the Sept 24 Global Climate Strike

  • SEPT 15 – ROOTS – Ugatin Natin ang Problema
  • SEPT 16 – STEM – The Science Behind the Climate Crisis
  • SEPT 17 – BRANCHING OUT – A Global Conversation
September 24 Physical Actions

Global Climate Strike actions across the country led by the five regional chapters of YACAP:

  • North & Central Luzon chapter
    • Batac, Ilocos Norte
    • Angeles City, Pampanga
  • National Capital Region
    • City of Manila
  • South Luzon (banner drops)
    • Los Baños, Laguna
    • Antipolo, Rizal
    • San Juan, Batangas
    • Lucena, Quezon
    • Sorsogon City, Sorsogon
    • Naga City, Camarines Sur
    • Puerto Princesa, Palawan
    • Calapan, Mindoro
  • Visayas
    • Julita, Leyte
  • Mindanao
    • Davao City
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