Global Climate Strike 2021

Thank you for striking with us last March 19!

The fight continues. Until the next Global Climate Strike!

Our strikes across the Philippines

Makati City, NCR: YACAP, Pilipinas and Kalikasan People’s Network for the Environment (KPNE) staged a protest action at the Standard Chartered Bank office in Makati City to demand that the bank stop funding coal-fired power plants and other environmentally destructive projects in the Philippines. PHOTO / LEO M. SABANGAN II.
Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental: Youth strikers from Kalihokan para sa Kinaiyahan join the call to #CleanUpStandardChartered with witty, hugot-themed banners and placards.
Tacloban, Leyte: Strikers affiliated with the UP Zoological Society (UPZS) called for #CleanEnergyNow, #RaiseYourStandards, and #DefendEnviDefenders.
Batangas: Youth strikers went all out with creative placards and artworks, with calls like #CleanUpStandardChartered, #DefendEnviDefenders, and #StandWithFarmers.
Los Baños, Laguna: Student activists participated in an action outside their university where they distributed pamphlets that explained how big banks like Standard Chartered were funding the destruction of the Philippines.
Dagupan City, Pangasinan: Youth strikers alongside other sectors of society, coordinated by the Pangasinan People’s Strike for the Environment, held a protest action in the afternoon. Their program was cut short by the police. Pangasinan is home to the largest coal plant in the country, which is run by San Miguel Corporation, a local company financed by Standard Chartered. PHOTO / ANAKBAYAN PANGASINAN.
Online, via Zoom: YACAP ended the day with a short online action featuring two speakers and a photo opportunity at the end of the event as an avenue for those stuck at home to join the fight for #NoMoreEmptyPromises.

Our Immediate Action Points

  1. End all investments in fossil fuel exploration and extraction. Governments, financial institutions, and companies must immediately end fossil fuel subsidies and immediately and completely divest from fossil fuels. Moratoria on all new fossil fuel projects should be imposed worldwide.
  2. Establish annual, binding carbon budgets based on the best available science and the IPCC proposal that gives us a 66% chance of limiting global heating to below 1.5°C. These budgets must take into consideration the common but differentiated responsibility among countries in the Global North and the most affected peoples and areas, and must not be reliant on possible future negative emissions technologies.
  3. Design climate policies that consider the welfare of workers and the most vulnerable in society. Policies must incorporate aspects of economic, racial, and gender justice as they work to address the climate emergency. Justice for environmental defenders must especially be considered given the repression they have faced for protecting our planet. No one should be left behind.
  4. Protect and safeguard democracy by providing spaces for and repealing laws that limit citizen participation in climate decision-making. Governments should recognize the importance of the involvement of civil society in the resolution of the climate crisis, and should be open to suggestions and criticism from their constituents. Voices of environmental defenders, farmers, fisherfolk, and indigenous communities, must especially be listened to, valued, and prioritized.
  5. Commit to making ecocide an international crime at the International Criminal Court. We are now witnessing the disastrous effects of massive over-extraction and subsequent degradation of nature on humanity and the planet. Any and all individuals and institutions complicit in the massive, large scale destruction of our planet must be held accountable for their actions.

Our target — Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank (S.C.B.) has poured billions of US dollars into the coal industry since October 2018; here in the Philippines, its support for local companies listed on the Global Coal Exit List (GCEL) has reached over 600 million USD in that same time frame. Companies such as San Miguel Corporation, known for their environmentally-destructive projects, are being funded by S.C.B. Our upcoming on-ground strikes on March 19 will take place in some of the areas in our country where coal projects of S.C.B.-funded companies have affected and continue to affect nearby communities.

Some coal power plant projects of S.C.B.-funded companies in the Philippines include:

Brgy. Ibabang Polo, Pagbilao, Quezon (600 MW, indicative, planned operation by 2025)
Brgy. Bani, Masinloc, Zambales (+315 MW, expansion, unit 4 in development)
Brgy. Alas-asin, Mariveles, Bataan (+1336 MW, expansion, in development; unit 1 to be commissioned March 2021)
Malabuyoc, Cebu (300 MW, indicative, TBD)
San Carlos, Negros Occidental (300 MW, indicative, TBD)

This does not include coal power plants that are already in operation that have been funded or otherwise supported by S.C.B.

Standard Chartered Bank, you must stop fueling our destruction. We’ve had it with your empty promises; if you are truly serious about committing to the goals set in the Paris Agreement, divest from coal immediately!
#CleanUpStandardChartered #RaiseYourStandards

We are already out of time. We deserve leaders that will fulfill these demands now.

Our climate actions

On-ground actions across the Philippines
Metro Manila
Tacloban, Leyte
Gingoog, Misamis Oriental

Online Event – 8 PM via Zoom

All-Day Digital Strike