Envisioning Environmental Equity

YACAP is partnering with UK-based advocacy network Race & Health on an international project, Envisioning Environmental Equity, to increase engagement and raise awareness about the intersection of climate change, health, and discrimination.


Climate change has been led by people in high-income countries, while the consequences fall on the poorest people. The ‘most affected people and areas’ (MAPA) remain excluded from climate mitigation agendas and leadership, resulting in further inequity. To help redress this, we aim to raise the voices and power of MAPA young people in Brazil, the Philippines and Uganda. Our vision is to create climate and health work that centres racial justice, which means our efforts to reduce the negative impacts of climate change must be free from discrimination and anti-oppressive.

What are we doing?

Here in the Philippines, we will be producing films and comics, made by the youth, for the youth, which will discuss climate and health issues. These films and comics will be presented at the Conference of Parties (COP) 27 UN Climate Summit in Egypt this November 2022.

We will also be conducting workshops with young people and local communities, which will cover climate change and what it means for health in the Philippine setting.

We will also be working with our international partners and academics in the Race & Health network to produce research to contribute to the growing literature around climate change, health, and discrimination.

Find out more

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