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Donate to affected communites of the Mindoro Oil Spill

The fossil fuel industry is killing the environment and the people.

Last February 28, an oil tanker of MT Princess-Empress containing 800,000 liters of oil sank in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. As of March 10, at least 13,000 fisherfolk families have been affected by the oil spill. As the oil spill is left inadequately addressed, it continues to spread and is now affecting nearby towns in Antique and Palawan as well.

Oil spills are harmful to both marine biodiversity and people living in the area. Experts say that the damage from this oil spill is extensive and will be felt for decades. Reports from the ground say that community members are getting sick, especially the children.

Aside from health issues, this is also causing problems related to livelihood and food security of the fisherfolk and coastal communities.

MT Princess Empress must be held accountable for the destruction of the ocean brought upon by their sunken oil tanker. The national government must provide subsidies for the families affected. They must act with urgency to address the oil spill and its long term impacts. They must listen to experts on how to clean up the oil instead of using methods that are not adequate to address the spill.

Yearly, countless communities suffer from the effects of fossil-fuel powered energy and its mishandling. Once again, fossil fuel, which is the main contributor to the climate crisis, continues to destroy lives in different ways. We call on those in the energy industry to transition to renewable sources of energy, and start phasing out oil- and coal-powered facilities. We call on the Philippine government to prioritize the development of our science and technology so that we can maximize and develop local renewable energy plants.

Our planet and our people are at constant risk due to the various dangers that come along with fossil fuel usage. Let’s put a stop to the use of these unsustainable resources and fight for a greener future that leaves no one behind and prioritizes marginalized sectors!

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