Help Rebuild Lives

As of April 24, tropical storm Agaton has impacted over 2 million people, displaced over 870,000 people from their homes, and killed at least 212 people.

Another massive typhoon has struck the Philippines.

Typhoon Agaton (international name Megi), a Category 2 tropical cyclone hit the Philippines on April 10, during a month when dry season supposedly arrives. Over a hundred cities are now flooded and several cities are experiencing life-threatening landslides.

As we demand climate justice, reparations, and people-centered climate adaptation from our world leaders, together, let us rebuild and recover to fight another day!

We are asking for help from our local and international allies to donate and help rebuild the lives of the most affected Filipinos.

All proceeds of this donation drive, along with the excess donations from our previous donation drive, will go to the communities affected by the typhoon.

You may donate through the following channels:

0918 242 3575
Alab Ayroso


Maded III Batara

Donate via PayPal**

**Please send in your donations with the Friends/Family option to prevent PayPal from deducting a transaction fee.

Filipinos are drowning because of the climate crisis caused by the inaction of world leaders. We need your help. Help rebuild lives.

Together, we will rise and continue the fight for climate justice!

#ReliefPH #ClimateJusticeNow