Asia’s Climate Crisis

The Philippines may be one of the worst impacted countries by the climate crisis, but there are many other nations in Asia that are experiencing similar situations. Other countries in Southeast Asia, as well as South Asia, also regularly experience intense rains and typhoons, and similarly have inadequate infrastructure to mitigate the effects of climate change. We also have countries in Asia that are particularly affected by drought, which has implications on their food security as well as human health. With Asia housing more than half of the world’s population, it’s important to highlight the worsening climate situation of the continent.

The upcoming Asia Climate Rally on November 28 intends to amplify the voices, climate concerns, and demands of people all across Asia. In the mass media, Western manifestations of the climate crisis — melting ice caps, starving polar bears — often overshadow the effects of climate change on many other parts of Asia. It should also be noted that the Asian continent is currently the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, but this is mainly because of China, Japan, and South Korea which contribute significantly to global emissions. Most Asian countries also suffer the most from the most severe consequences of climate change, such as typhoons, droughts, and rising sea levels.

This situationer sheds light on how Asia’s natural resources are being aggressively exploited, and how this profit-oriented over-extraction (and subsequent overproduction of emissions) has led us to our current situation. It also talks about the Paris Climate Agreement’s efforts to curb the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and its shortcomings as an accord. Lastly, it ends with the youth’s role in preventing the terrible effects of rapid climate change and their demands in this year’s Asia Climate Rally.

Read the whole research article written by the Asia Climate Rally Education Team at

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Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines is an alliance of individuals, youth organizations, and student councils that advocate for immediate youth-led global climate action. The Fridays for Future of the Philippines.

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